Updated January 9th, 2023

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Brother Bobby

Dagonell the Juggler

Éadaoin Ruadh
  • Local group: Barony of the Rhydderich Hael
  • Orders/Accolades: AOA, Sycamore, Keystone; former Hael Baronial Bard, former Seven Pearls bardic champion, former Sylvan Bard
  • About: Éadaoin's persona is an early 14th cent Irishwoman displaced into Scotland by the spite of a local high lord. Bardically, she is skilled with words, lyrics, wit, and melodies. She is quick to laugh, adores immersion, and often prefers a bardic fire over sleep.

Morien MacBain
  • Local group:
  • Orders/Accolades: Keystone, Golden Alce, Sycamore, Cornelian, Scarlet Battery, Millrind, Quintain, Golden Lance, Fleur, Pelican, current Sylvan Bard (King's Champ)
  • About: Morien is a 15th-Century Scottish man-at-arms. He is a student of Stoic philosophy, a poet, sings a bit, and loves wilderness skills, equestrian arts, to tell stories and to teach!

Scheiny of Dalhraidia
  • Local group: Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands
  • Orders/Accolades: AOA, Order of the Silver Comet
  • About: She has a pretty voice. She probably doesn't remember the words, except to those four songs which she loves to sing. And she really wants to harmonize with you; she's not good at it, but she's enthusiastic. She won't remember you, but if you make puns or laugh at hers, she'll like you.

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