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Updated January 9th, 2023

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March 27th, 2022

The bardic circle at the Rhydderich Hael's Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon on the 26th was a HUGE success! We had the most bards there at once that we've seen in quite a long time, even pre-pandemic. We had only a few performers, but most encouraging were the new faces and our collective story. We passed a tale around the circle, adding one sentence at a time. It got us all involved, pulling on creative strings, and spread a lot of laughs--something we can all use in this recovery period. Onward and upward!

~Éadaoin Ruadh, Rhydderich Hael


The following events hosted by Æthelmearc have a bardic presence. For specific locations and dates, please visit the Event Calendar at Æthelmearc's website

Kingdom Twelfth Night

Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins

Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon
  • Hosted by Barony of the Rhydderich Hael (Buffalo NY)
  • mid to late March
  • Bardic gathering happens in popcorn style, without a particular order, and no theme or requirements of performances. Generally attendees can bring their own banners and other decor to add to the immersion. Food and drink is offered depending on the year and venue rules.

Scarlet Guard Inn
  • Hosted by Shire of Hornwood (Brockway PA)
  • early June
  • Bardic gathering in the evening around their main fire. No theme or requirements of performances. Welcoming atmosphere, and fire food shared by the hosts.

Seven Pearls
  • Hosted on rotation
  • late August to early September
  • Bardic competition consisting of a performance from each champion of the seven Æthelmearc Baronies. Bardic circles on Friday and Saturday nights, usually, by the main fire. No theme or requirements for performances.

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